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Hesham Abdul Wahab – Crafting Musical Magic for Hridayam and Kushi

Hesham Abdul Wahab

Hesham Abdul Wahab high on his latest hit Kushi shares his musical journey from Saudi Arabia to India that enriches his compositions with a diverse range of influences. His collaborations with filmmakers and his dedication to involving them in the music-making process have led to his distinct style being celebrated in the industry. With successful projects like Hridayam and Kushi, Hesham’s music continues to resonate across cultures and languages, proving the universal power of melodies like Na Roja Nuvve thatthe latest chart buster in his list.

While he has already independent albums to his credit and atleast 10 films to his credit before Hridayam – his first biggest hit brought him into limelight not just in Kerala – but across India.

Hridayam was a beautiful love story that resonated not only with audiences in Kerala but also across the country through OTT platforms. The film features 15 songs, each reflecting a blend of musical influences I’ve acquired over the years. From the western notes in “Darshana” to the new-age vibe infused into the Thyagaraya Kriti Nagumomu, and the classical undertones in the peppy Pottu Thottu, the songs showcased a diverse range of styles. Onakka Munthiri captures the essence of Kerala, making Hridayam a timeless classic in Hesham’s musical journey.

Interview with Hesham Abdul Wahab: Crafting Musical Magic for “Hridayam” and “Kushi”

Can you tell us about your musical journey and the inspiration behind the songs in “Hridayam”?

A: Certainly. I grew up in Saudi Arabia, where music was always a significant part of my life. My exposure to various musical traditions from a young age paved the way for my passion for music. I pursued formal education in music and attended a music college, which allowed me to explore Western and classical Hindustani and Carnatic music.

How did your collaboration with filmmakers contribute to your unique musical style?

A: Collaboration with filmmakers has been integral to my creative process. I believe in involving directors and lyricists in the music-making journey. This approach allows us to create music that perfectly complements the film’s narrative. Working closely with directors and lyricists, I’ve developed a signature style that’s now recognized as “Hesham Abdul Wahab musicals.”

Your journey from Saudi Arabia to India has been quite diverse. Could you share more about your experiences?

A: Growing up in Saudi Arabia exposed me to a global musical landscape. I studied music, collaborated with musicians from different parts of the world, and eventually found my way to India. This journey allowed me to enrich my musical palette, which I’ve brought to my work in the Indian film industry.

Your latest film, “Kushi,” has been making waves with its music. Can you tell us about your approach to composing for this project?

A: “Kushi,” featuring Vijay Devarakonda and Samantha, is a multi-language release that’s capturing audiences’ hearts. The music tracks, including haunting melodies like “Na Roja Nuvve,” “Aaradhya,” and the title track “Kushi,” showcase my musical signature. The film’s songs are topping the charts, resonating with listeners across languages.

Could you discuss your transition into the Telugu film industry and your experiences there?

A: My debut in the Telugu film industry has been a creatively fulfilling journey. Songs like “Na Roja Nuvve,” with their haunting melodies, have been well-received. Collaborating with talented artists like Vijay Devarakonda and Samantha has allowed me to contribute my musical vision to this vibrant industry.

How important is music in bridging cultural barriers and resonating with audiences worldwide?

A: Music is a universal language that transcends boundaries and language barriers. The success of songs like “Na Roja Nuvve” emphasizes the power of music to connect with diverse audiences. It’s heartening to witness how melodies can create a shared experience that resonates across cultures.

What do you envision for the future of your musical career?

A: As I continue my musical journey, I aim to explore new avenues and genres while staying true to my unique style. Collaborations with talented artists and filmmakers will remain at the core of my creative process, allowing me to create music that leaves a lasting impact.

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