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Avika Gor Shares ‘Vadhuvu’ Excitement

Avika Gor

Diving into ‘Vadhuvu’ with Avika Gor

‘Vadhuvu’ Web Series, starring Avika Gor, is poised to captivate audiences with its blend of suspense and thrilling elements. Avika Gor, the talented actress, recently engaged with the media to provide insights into the upcoming series and her role.

Avika Gor expressed her excitement about being part of the project, emphasizing the uniqueness of the script. Having recently worked on the web series ‘Mansion 24’, Avika Gor highlighted the distinct nature of her character in ‘Vadhuvu’, noting that it deviates from the bubbly roles she’s played in the past. She finds the character intriguing and captivating, showcasing her versatility as an actress.

Addressing audience queries about the genre, Avika clarified that ‘Vadhuvu’ falls under the thriller genre rather than horror. She teased the presence of mystery scenes, underscoring the series’ appeal to a wide audience. Drawing on her experience in television serials, Avika expressed confidence that ‘Vadhuvu’ would cater to the preferences of TV content lovers transitioning to OTT platforms.

Reflecting on the script, Avika praised its suspenseful elements, acknowledging the intriguing questions it raises. She discussed her growth as an actress since her early days, drawing parallels with her role as a bride in ‘Chinnari Pellikuthuru’ and her current portrayal in the web series. Avika has played numerous wedding sequences on screen and finds each one unique, highlighting the evolution in her acting skills and understanding of marriage over the years.

Avika commended director Poluru Krishna for his experience and skill in incorporating suspense and thrilling elements into every scene, making ‘Vadhuvu’ an engaging experience. She shared insights into her character, Indu, describing her as mature with a unique backstory that adds depth to the narrative.

Teasing an interesting wedding sequence in the series, Avika hinted at the unexpected entry of a woman and the ensuing drama. She expressed enthusiasm about reuniting with co-star Nandu, praising his performance in ‘Vadhuvu’.

Reflecting on her career, Avika acknowledged her recognition in Telugu cinema and her recent venture into production with the film ‘Pop Corn’. While expressing a preference for diverse roles, she hinted at upcoming projects in both Telugu and Hindi cinema, showcasing her commitment to exploring different genres and characters.

‘Vadhuvu’ is set to make a mark with its unique storyline and Avika Gor’s compelling performance, offering audiences a thrilling and suspenseful viewing experience.

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