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Best Rum Cocktails in Goa – A Tourist’s Guide

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Rum Cocktails

Rumming Around Goa – 8 Best Rum Cocktail Places in Goa

The rum revolution has been shaking up the kind of cocktails we consume. It’s no longer just mojitos and daiquiris anymore – now mixologists are experimenting with egg white, turmeric, and even kafir lime. And they’ve been creating some delicious concoctions that have everyone on the lookout for the newest and coolest cocktails in town.

So, if you’ve been looking to expand your repertoire of rum, look no further. We’ve got you covered with our guide to Goa’s most delicious rum cocktails.

Elephant and Co
With a strong emphasis on being vocal for local, Elephant and Co have been making a dedicated effort to elevate Indian rums – while showing just how versatile they are. India is an emerging market for the rum industry, with more and more people seeking out newer and higher quality rums, and Elephant and Co have been catering to that demand.

Rum cocktail to try – Tiki Puta. Inspired by Goa’s own Maka Zai rum, Tiki Puta delivers an experience of the journey from India to the Western Islands. A twist on a Tiki Drink, the Tiki Puta is made with Maka Zai White and Gold Rum and an Indian Spice homemade syrup.
The Tiki Puta is best paired with Asian and Indian flavours, though it also goes well with heavy meats and steaks.

Frida Cantina
A Mexican restaurant offering elevated Mexican cuisine, Frida Cantina prides itself on using authentic Mexican flavors. Their cocktails are largely tequila and rum-based to match the flavourful Mexican cuisine.

Rum Cocktails

Rum cocktail to try – Pina Curcuma. Made with Maka Zai White Rum, Campari, Pineapple, and a pinch of turmeric, the Pina Curcuma is a refreshing summer cocktail. The best part? You get your daily dose of turmeric with this. The Pina Curcuma goes best with the Fish Ceviche or Blackened Snapper with Crabmeat & Shrimp sauce.

Idā is a community-driven boutique restaurant and bar that celebrates produce and sustainability. Here drinks flow aplenty as diners embark on a culinary experience with eclectic dishes and handcrafted cocktails. Ida draws inspiration from India’s native Sanskrit heritage.

Rum Cocktail

Rum cocktail to try – Pineapple Express. It is a tiki cocktail made with fresh pineapple, lime, passion fruit, and homemade spiced almond liqueur with Maka Zai’s Gold Rum. This drink is the perfect amalgamation of all that is Goa – from tropical fruits to spices. Pineapple Express’s best friend? Idā’s signature pork chops!

Neighbors is the epitome of coming together from different parts of the world. It takes inspiration from the modern-stylish loft-style New York Café and the charming alfresco dining from Paris. The menu at Neighbors is complemented by an extensive beverage programme showcasing different flavors and spirits, accompanied by live performances and delicious food.

Rum cocktail to try – The Maka Watermelon Zai. Crafted with Maka Zai’s White Rum, this drink has watermelon, mint, and basil, along with hints of Campari and elderflower. The watermelon balls and basil help to elevate the drink and highlight the flavor of the rum. The versatility of the Maka Watermelon Zai lets it pair beautifully with any of the appetizers.

Petisco Gastro Bar
Inspired by the journeys of travelers and locally sourced ingredients, Petisco Goa crafts globally inspired small plates and cocktails.

Rum cocktail to try – Orange Basil Highball. Made with Maka Zai’s Gold Rum, homemade orange basil syrup, ginger soda, or ginger ale, the Orange Basil Highball is both fresh and sweet – with the in-house orange basil syrup helping to temper that perfect balance.
The flavors of the drink go best with seafood, especially the Prawn al la Blancha or Pan Seared Fish.

A restaurant on the 11th floor, Raki serves not just a mesmerizing view of Miramar beach but also scrumptious middle eastern cuisine. They also offer a wide range of cocktails to sip on while enjoying the sunset.

Rum cocktail to try – Patrao Its Kafir Lime. Maka Zai, infused with kafir lime leaves, lime juice, and sugar syrup, all make up this refreshing cocktail that strikes the perfect balance between sweet and sour. Best paired with the Lebanon-style spiced potatoes, Batata Harra, this drink is the perfect cooler on a hot night.

The Den Bar & Cigar Lounge
A premium bar located in the heart of Navelim, The Den is pioneering the cigar culture in South Goa. In addition to a wide range of single malts and specially crafted spirit-forward cocktails, The Den offers a good cigar room. Their cocktail menu consists of signature cocktails crafted to be paired with cigars and a few spins on classic cocktails.

Rum cocktail to try – Lilac Moustache. The Lilac Moustache is a beautiful harmony of rum and cherry. Using Maka Zai White Rum provides an excellent canvas to express other flavours while still shining through like a star. The in-house cherry liqueur is a rum base that further accentuates the flavor of Maka Zai Rum. An Islay malt gives smoky notes, orgeat imparts its nutty flavor, and lime balances out the
sweetness. There aren’t too many rum-based, egg white cocktails around that aren’t Whiskey Sours. But egg white adds an excellent texture to the drink while also creating a layer on the palate that can reduce the harshness of the spirit. The Lilac Moustache goes best with the Watermelon Feta with Caramelized Almonds.

Thyme and Ash
At Thyme and Ash, the philosophy of food transcends the traditional bounds of renowned global cuisines. Instead, it features what the chefs refer to as a “borderless cuisine.” With panoramic views of scenic hills and spacious, white-toned interiors, this glasshouse bar and the kitchen is a take on global and honest cooking that accentuates the luxury of simplicity. The cocktails at the bar follow this
philosophy, with ingredients that blend local and international flavor profiles to create a match like no other.

Rum cocktail to try – Mogra. Made with Maka Zai’s Gold Rum, Triphala (Goa’s signature spice), Pineapple Crush, Sesame oil, and Mogra Essence, this drink is spicy and heady but at the same time light and refreshing. Best described as a tropical treat with nostalgia, inducing scents derived from the mogra essence. The pungent Triphala almost perfectly balances the sweetness from the pineapple crush.
Mogra is best paired with Thyme and Ash’s special woodfired Quattro Formaggi – with the different kinds of cheeses and their fruity aromas complimenting the pineapple from the drink.

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