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Bawarchi Delivered 2 Biryanis Per Minute on Swiggy in 2022

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Bawarchi –  This restaurant in Hyderabad delivered 2 Biryanis per minute on Swiggy last NYE. What are they planning today?

Swiggy, India’s food delivery platform of choice clocked a record-breaking 9500 orders per minute last New Year’s Eve. Among the nation’s biggest foodies were Hyderabadis who turned to their tried and tested favourite- the Biryani. In fact, Bawarchi, one of the city’s most iconic restaurants created a new record by selling 2 Biryanis per minute on Swiggy last NYE. They are expecting this year to be even higher and are preparing 15,000 KGs of Biryani in their kitchen today.

Swiggy, which has been sharing how India is celebrating New Year’s Eve on its platform this year, tweeted about Bawarchi on its Twitter


Swiggy recently released its annual report of 2022 on How Hyderabad Swiggy’d. Chicken biryani has been on top of the chart for three consecutive years for being the most ordered item in Hyderabad and Telangana. Biryani was also the most-ordered dish on the platform at a national level in 2022 with 137 biryani orders per minute placed in the year.

Hyderabad Quick Facts

  • Top 3 most ordered dishes: Chicken Biryani, Apricot delight, Mutton biryani
  • Top 3 most ordered non-dishes – Thums up (drink), Milk Products, Tomatoes
  • Top 3 most ordered snacks: Idli, Maska Bun, Masala Dosa
  • Top 3 most ordered desserts on Swiggy: Apricot Delight, Double ka Meetha, Fruit Salad with Ice Cream


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