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Jaipur Literature Festival 2024: Focus on Environmental Conservation

Jaipur Literature Festival 2024

Exploring Environmental Narratives at Jaipur Literature Festival 2024

Thoughtful Sessions on Climate Change, Conservation, and More

The seventeenth edition of the i.e., Jaipur Literature Festival 2024 is set to delve into the complexities of climate change, conservation, and the intersection of literature with pressing environmental issues. From February 1st to 5th, at Hotel Clarks Amer in Jaipur, this literary extravaganza promises a unique convergence of literary minds, thinkers, and humanitarians.

  1. The Earth Transformed: An Untold History

Speakers: Peter Frankopan and Yuvan Aves

Historian Peter Frankopan, author of ‘The Earth Transformed: An Untold History,’ explores the profound impact of climate change on civilizations. Join the conversation with Yuvan Aves as they evaluate how nature has played a pivotal role in shaping the rise and fall of societies across centuries.

  1. Intertidal: A Coast and Marsh Diary

Speakers: Yuvan Aves, Robert Macfarlane, and Colin Thubron

Jaipur Literature Festival 2024

Writer and Naturalist Yuvan Aves presents ‘Intertidal: A Coast and Marsh Diary,’ inviting readers into the nuanced world where land meets sea. In dialogue with celebrated authors Robert Macfarlane and Colin Thubron, Aves explores the harmony between humanity, animals, and the coastal ecosystem.

  1. COP28: Global Stock Take

Speakers: Hervé Delphin, Philip Green, May-Elin Stener, Jeff Goodell, and Shyam Saran

A post-COP28 analysis examines the ‘beginning of the end’ of the fossil fuel era. This informed panel discusses the pathways to a timely and equitable transition, emphasizing global solidarity and tangible outcomes.

  1. Hoofprints: Year of the Camel

Speakers: Ilse Köhler-Rollefson and Yuvan Aves

Exploring the significance of 2024 as the ‘International Year of Camelids,’ scientist Ilse Köhler-Rollefson and writer Yuvan Aves delve into the preservation of camels, their cultural importance, and their vital role in issues of food security, climate change, and biodiversity.

  1. Of Big Cats and Tigers

Speakers: Gargi Rawat and Arefa Tehsin

News anchor Gargi Rawat and nature activist Arefa Tehsin discuss the mystique of tiger tales and the ongoing conservation efforts in Rajasthan, portraying the enchanting world of these magnificent big cats.

  1. The Sacred Trees of India

Speakers: Louise Fowler-Smith, Pradip Krishen, and Mridula Ramesh

Louise Fowler-Smith’s ‘Sacred Trees of India’ explores the threat of deforestation and the traditions of tree-worship. In conversation with Pradip Krishen and Mridula Ramesh, they discuss how reverence for trees contributes to ecological sustainability.

  1. AI for Good: The Climate of Change

Speakers: Marcus du Sautoy and David Sandalow

The intersection of AI with climate and environmental challenges is examined in this session, offering insights into the transformative opportunities and challenges of applying artificial intelligence to mitigate climate change.

  1. The Pale Blue Dot: Cherishing our Planet

Speakers: Mukesh Bansal, Amitabh Kant, Neelkanth Mishra, and Vishnu Som

Exploring our place in the cosmos, this session with Mukesh Bansal, Amitabh Kant, and Neelkanth Mishra delves into the potential of a global economy within the burgeoning space ecosystem, envisioning a ‘Future Now’ examining our changing world.

  1. Scorched Earth: Lessons from Nature
    Jaipur Literature Festival 2024

Speakers: Siddharth Srikanth, Peter Frankopan, Jeff Goodell, and Gargi Rawat

Examining climate change beyond temperature rise, this panel evaluates lessons from history to better understand the impact of the climate crisis in our present and future.

  1. Chasing Sustainability: Policy, Industry and the Environment

Speakers: Mridula Ramesh, Amitabh Kant, Sumant Sinha, and Siddarth Shrikanth

This session focuses on the leadership, solutions, and ambitious actions driving the transition to a more sustainable, equitable, and climate-resilient global economy.

  1. Migrants: Interconnections Across Time

Speakers: Sam Miller, Sureshkumar Muthukumaran, and Aarathi Prasad

Delving into the interconnectedness of the world through migration, this unique session explores human and crop migration across time, weaving together ecological, cultural, and social fabric in the modern world.

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