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Kushi Trailer – Is the trailer giving away too much?

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Kushi Trailer

If there is a film that is much awaited, and a lead pair that is most anticipated – it is Kushi and the coming together of Samantha and Vijay Devarakonda. And each time the makers drop a tidbit or a poster or a song – there has been response nothing less of euphoria.

And, that includes the Romeo – Juliet meet Indian couple kind of poster that has been so cute and the colours promising a breezy vibe. And the vibe was confirmed when the songs came out, especially the title song. Musically one didn’t expect any thing less from a Hesham Abdul Wahab’s musical.

The director and writer Shiba Nirvana has proved more than once that his forte is romance and he would be only delivering yet another tenderly romantic tale of the cute pair. Audience had a slight hint of what it would be to watch Vijay Devarakonda and Samantha together in the magnum opus Mahanati. But, that just made them anticipate the on screen pairing of the two. And what we saw until now, be it the songs or posters or even the cute scenes – the two are looking amazingly good on screen – living up to the expectations.

Finally, the official Kushi trailer dropped. And now, we know that Viplav (Vijay) goes to Kashmir meets a Muslim girl who he falls in love – almost like the coming together of Maniratnam’s Roja and Bombay films. Vijay plays well what he knows the best – a lover boy with an attitude, while Samantha is at her charming best.

Then we see the big reveal where Samantha says she is no Begum as Viplav thinks but is in fact a Brahmin. And then both the families are revealed taking the film from being a love story into this family drama where large families on both sides fill the screens.

However, the two families are evidently not in good terms, one is steeped in tradition while the other is communist (Vijay’s father played by Sachin is named after Lenin). Aradhya’s (Samantha) father, who obviously believes in astrology predicts doom for the couple if they get married. Her father (Murali Sharma) throws her out of the house, and both of them decide to get married and prove that they are the best couple in the world.

And, what starts as an ideal married life (which you see in the beautifully created scenes in the song Aradhya) turns soar soon. This is tad predictive, but then watching Vijay – Samantha on screen makes up for it.

As the Kushi trailer comes to an end – one wonders if what is supposed to give a sneak peek and pique our interest has given away too much of the storyline. That said Kushi trailer promises a full blown romantic film with family drama, emotions and a bit of action and a whole lot of good music and fun vibes not to mention Vennela Kishore and Rahul Ramakrishna adding to the humour.

The film is set to release in multiple languages on September 1.


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